Creating Your Plan and Statement for Your Employees Regarding Travel and Work with Coronovirus

What kind of message or statement should you write or have regarding the Coronavirus?
What is your business statement for business continuity, businesses travel, Self Quarantine, and working from home?

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The first thing you need to decide is what is most important to your employees, your business and your community.
Then you want you to be clear specific and calm regarding your messaging.

We are closely monitoring developments with respect to the Coronavirus. First and most importantly, we are taking the appropriate actions to continue providing our employees with a safe work environment. We will continue to provide updates as we learn more.

The following measures have been put in place:

Business Continuity Statement
  • We have issued a Business Continuity Statement on our website  (put a link here)
  • If you have customers asking about (Your company name here) pandemic plan or business continuity – please make (Contact person here aware via email).
  • Please know that (Company Name ) has a set of protocols in place should this situation escalate.
  • Let them know if your company has the capacity to work 100% remotely without disruptions to our regular business operations. If not what the fall back is. 

Temporary Travel Suspension for All Work-Related Travel (for the next 30 days through (Give date )  or until we have further updates)
  • We are temporarily suspending all work-related travel both domestic and international (except personal automobile travel) including:
    • Air travel
    • Train travel
    • Busses/Subways - Any other means of mass transit (travel which puts our employees in direct contact with large crowds).
    • Automobile travel is currently acceptable.
  • For those currently traveling:
    • Please finish your trip and return as planned.
  • Do not book future travel without approval. Please contact (contact name) before any future travel is booked.
  • We will be addressing any upcoming, already booked travel shortly.

14 Day Self - Quarantine – Work from Home Policy
In alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) interim guidance for risk assessment and public health management, we have temporarily implemented the following 14-Day Stay-at-Home Policy for the following:
  • Employees returning to the U.S. from an area of risk, will not be allowed to return to the workplace until they have reached day 15 back in the U.S. and have not experienced fever, coughing or difficulty breathing.
  • Employees who have:
    • Lived in the same household as, OR
    • Cared for, OR
    • Had close contact with a person who has returned from an affected area of risk, OR
    • Had close contact with a person confirmed to have the Covid-19 Coronavirus

(Emergency Communication App) 
  • Please be sure you have downloaded the (name of the emergency app) for emergency notifications. This is how we will communicate important alerts.
  • Please contact for help with the app
Office Health Etiquette Reminder:
  • Please don’t come to the office if you're even mildly sick (we will continue to be flexible with sick time or WFH)
  • Be sure to request your time off in (Name of Contact ) HR
  • Follow the CDC guidelines for good hygiene
  • Hand sanitizer is available around the office

Supportive Statement here and company heads signature

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