How to Tell If Your Phone Interview Went Well

1.      One of the indications that an interview has gone well is if the interviewer has gone deep on particular questions when you are giving a positive answer.
2.      If they are looking for more information about something you have done well it indicates                are seeing you as a positive candidate.
3.      Spontaneity in their questions and responses during the interview indicates they are going off-script to be present with you as an individual rather than doing a rote interview.        
4.      They laugh!  Interviewers who laugh show not only that they think they have had fun with  you in the moment, and that they may find you funny, but they are comfortable enough with      you to be personable and step out of the “interviewer” roll.
 5.     Time is a strong communicator. If they are giving you more time. If they are thinking seriously as a candidate, they will give you more time to answer questions, won’t interrupt or cut you off or speed through the process. One of the best indicators is if they slow down and or linger at the formal close of the interview. 

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