Taking off Shoes at the Door of Home Means More Than You Might Think

Leave your shoes at the door, may sound like the chorus of a country song, but giving up your shoes when you enter someones home communicates more than you might think.

Shoes are part of our “armor” that protects from harm and injury in the outside world
They are also  part of our “uniform’ to communicate status, and wealth as well as an “artifact” that communicated our style and personality.
When we take our shoes off we feel safe physically and psychology and can shed our need to communicate are artifices like status and style.
For years as a body language expert, I have noticed how most people become more comfortable and relaxed when they take off their shoes in a house and interact.
The shedding seems to help us become kids again, unpretentious and more vulnerable and playful.
Now shoe bottoms have been proven to carry germs, bacteria and other pathogens so taking them off as we enter our home actually has a new meaning.
I first noticed a shoe shelf at the door of my Physician nieces family house years ago and it made me realize how serious
And that is my home and or your home is sacred and I want to help you keep it safe so I shed the dangers I am carrying on my shoes when I enter your home.
So now the act of taking off shoes by friends and home service personal like plumbers and appliance personal seems an act of consideration and honoring of
of your home.
I encourage shedding shoes at my house by having a special pretty carpet and stand by the door where they see two pairs of shoes already there and place for theirs
I don’t even have to say anything the “shoe station” communicated the ritual for me. 

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