In what circumstances might it be okay to send a breakup text?

In what circumstances might it be okay to send a breakup
Text? n what circumstances might it be okay to send a breakup text?

If your relationship has taken place exclusively in the "virtual world" via texts, phone calls, and or social media," then that is your established form of communication, and it makes sense that's what you would use to end the relationship. If you are concerned or even afraid or your partner's response to a breakout that you think would occur in face to face or a phone call, then, by all means, stay safe and text your desire to end the relationship.  If you have only been dating a brief time and don't feel there is a connection texting your wishes to stop, dating can work. In all other instances, I don't recommend it as it can make ending things far too easy for the texter, and they don't have to deal with the repercussions of their choice. Using a text to stop a serious relationship doesn't give you the full experience of a breakup. Texting goodbye doesn't teach you how to deal with your emotions or how to communicate your feelings nonverbally in an open way, nor does it help you read and deal with the sentiments conveyed nonverbally by the other person. People need to feel what it means to make that choice, so they learn to choose partners more carefully, communicate behaviors that are making them uncomfortable as they occur in relationships, and invest in fixing problems because they know the cost of ending a relationship. 

A sample text you could send someone. 
I am deeply sorry, but I am not feeling what I should be feeling in my heart to continue the relationship. Its nothing you did, its how I think and there is no way to change that. I am grateful for our time together, but I don't wish to continue seeing you or communicating with you. Again, I am sorry.  Bye



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