Losing Your Memory? Pick Up a Pack of Gum!

Did you know I was the national spokesperson for Wrigley's spearmint gum? In fact, I helped develop the Chew IQ test that distinguished your personality type based on your chewing style. During my time researching as national spokesperson, I discovered that chewing gum has many positive benefits. There's new research out that confirms one of those key benefits that chewing gum can actually improve your memory.  Next time your attention is flagging before a late-in-the day meeting, pop a piece of gum in your mouth to help you stay sharp. British researchers have found that chewing gum improves performance on tasks that involve tuning into audio cues that is listening to somebody talk and retaining key information in short-term memory. In the study, subjects listened to random lists of numbers for 30 minutes,  then were tested on their ability to pick up patterns. Compared with non-chewers the gun group detected patterns more quickly and accurately and their abilities improved as the task progressed. The action of chewing seems to temporarily increased blood flow to the brain, allowing more energizing oxygen to reach brain cells. Personally, I would recommend that you chew the gum before your meeting and then spit it out and put it in a piece of paper in the trash before going in the meeting room so people won't see you chewing the gum but your brain will be supercharged to remember what they say.

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