Tips for Performance Appraisals and Giving Effective Feedback to Employees.

I speak and write about performance appraisals and giving effective feedback tied to specific examples of behavior.

What do you find has been the best way to
conduct employee reviews and/or mid-year reviews while working
Remote? Don't wait for the employee review to give feedback. Tell employees as soon as you see the good and or bad behavior that you like or don't like and discuss how they can continue good behavior for specific rewards and stop bad behavior to avoid specific consequences. A performance review should be a Review of information they have already heard. It's in the description of the task that it is a review. Don't SAVE your feedback for when you have time or avoid sharing feedback because it's bad. A review shouldn't have any surprises.

What kinds of conversations should both parties prioritize discussing
together and why is it important to have these conversations?

They should have prep conversations answering questions like

Do you look forward to your performance evaluation?

Can you give me your job description and is it clear what your job description is?

Have you ever been given a performance review and been surprised with new information?

Have you ever been reviewed on something you didn't know was part of your job description.

Do you see the performance evaluation as an opportunity to to grow as an employee?

 How can you set goals together

that allow strong performers to continue the great work? And if
someone is underperforming, how can you help get them back up to

 Ask them arere you comfortable being told to go to a workshop or work with a coach or me as your manager to achieve a goal  or change something  rated low on performance evaluation and/or being rewarded and grow by getting coaching or training?

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