A Nonverbal Trick to Fall Asleep

I just read about this nonverbal trick to fall asleep.

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t run off those racing thoughts and get to sleep?

You probably have experienced it, haven’t you?

You get in bed, pull up the blanket, flip off the light, take a deep breath…

And everything you’ve thought about, worried about during the day, worked on during the day, comes flooding back.

You can’t stop thinking about the things that you need to do tomorrow.

Your mind is overwhelmed with stresses, anxieties, the pandemic, and all the issues that are out of control.

Most people will tell you just to “Shut your mind off” and “Just stop thinking.”


How do you do that?!

Well, this is how to flip the switch off on your racing brain.

Now, this technique might sound weird and unconventional but try and you’ll see how well it works.

Next time you get in bed, close your eyes and imagine as you are feeling different objects -- NOT see them, but feel without moving your hands.

Remember: The objects are moving - NOT your hands!

Feel their shapes.

Feel their textures.

Feel whether they are soft or hard on touch.

At first, it might take up to 15 minutes to concentrate your mind on this activity. Although, once you practice it daily you’ll be able to fall asleep in minutes!

Why does it work?

Basically, instead of trying to shut off all those racing thoughts in your mind, you simply refocus and concentrate on something that neither bores you nor interests you too much.

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